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Trusted by top restaurants, takeaway shop, cafes, bubble tea chain

Guess what, our customer have got: 20% sales boost, 30% revenue growth - Just an ordering system away!

Ordera App

Super App for restaurant owners to manage sales, analyze customer data, manage inventory & workforce by AI Sales forecast to sell more, enhance customer experience and optimize operational cost.

Ordera POS is a cloud-based checkout filled with
smart solutions & interations with other systems.

Modern POS System

Offer guests online orders with Website orders, Mobile App order

Online Ordering

No long lines with the self-order kiosk. Let guests customize their dishes without creating a queue with an intuitive interface & quick- select buttons

Self-services Kiosk order

Check-in system integrated with POS on one devices. Helps you manage employees better

Staff Chek-in System

Let guests order online from their mobile or via app or browser.

Know your customer behaviors. Then create loyalty program & remarketing

Table QR Orders

Give customers the ability to track their order's progress on their phones and in-store TV screens.

Customer Pickup Screen

Improve your business with real-time customer feedback.

Manage guest experince at all business levels

Get Customer Feedback

Raise Google review

With more than 10 years of experience, we will design a beautiful, unique website for you

Beautiful Website & Graphic Design 

Speed ​​up order processing, receive more orders and reorders without limited resources

Drive more sale, earn more revenue

Manage employees, manage inventory, calculate costs, all in just 1 app

Spends less resources

Improve Google reviews and SEO ranking. You will be the first choice that customers found

Attract thousands of new customers

How can Ordera boost your sales?

Get a free Ordera App demo

  • Save 40% Labor cost

  • 24/7 Support available

  • Free Restaurant website & POS, Kasse App

Which product do you want to have?


Ordera App

All-in-one Platform for

Restaurant/Takeaway/Cafés/Bubble Tea

Hotline 24/7: +4797371618

Live chat: WhatsApp

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  • Whatsapp

Ordera App

All-in-one Platform for Restaurant/Takeaway/Cafés/Bubble Tea

Available in the following countries:

Germany, Norway, Sweden & Denmark


Ordera App

All-in-one Platform for Restaurant/Takeaway/Cafés/Bubble Tea

Streamline your operations by our super POS App
Increase productivity, Reduce cost by Self service Kiosk Order Machine
Sell more, Increase profit by using Online Order
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